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KUJC Archive aims to play the role of digital library for both professional scholars and general public with its massive materials on Japanese studies. The system is especially convenient for searching articles on Japan, journals, nontexual records, and organized archiving of Japanese documents from the Korean Peninsula and Machuria during the Japanese colonial era.

The Global Institute for Japanese Studies at Korea University provides 50,000 Japanese documents from colonial Korea and Manchuria offering their bibliographies and locations; through copyright confirmation, the original documentation can be viewed as well. Also, table of contends for 178 books from KUJC collection including Japanese Studies Collection, Modern Japanese Studies Collection, Japanese Classic Literature Collection, Sourcebook Collection, Japanese Mystery Collection and Japanese-Language Literature from Colonial Era Collection, too can be found; and the original texts will be soon available.

We provide the contents of KUJC’s two academic journals- Japan Studies and Gwakyoung: The Journal of Japanese-Language Literature Studies - in order to share our research with the global academic world. Also, popularizing of Japanese studies is KUJC’s another purpose; the archive provides materials including special lectures, colloquium, tape-recording of celebrities’ lectures, and nontexual records(pictures). They are available for anyone who is interested.

The Global Institute for Japanese Studies at Korea University, selected as one of Japanese studies institutes in Humanities Korea project, has been enhancing research capabilities so that it grows to be a global hub for Japanese studies. KUJC Archive is expected to play the core role for this purpose.



会員登録することで、資料検索から原文公開資料の閲覧まで日研アーカイブのすべての機能を使用することができる。検索欄に「朝鮮総督府」、「夏目漱石」など、日本に関連するキーワードを入力し全体検索すると、キーワードに関連する日帝強占期の文献、研究論文、グローバル日本研究院出版物のすべての情報が提示され、詳細検索では年度や研究者を特定して検索できるので利用者の用途に合わせ活用することができる。 *館内閲覧

Searching by keyword, the Archive provides an easy access to dissertations, current situation of research, rare document from colonial era owned by only KUJC, and the center’s various information on book collections and lectures.

Please register to use all the functions. Then, type keyword(ex: Joseon government general, Natsume Soseki and etc) and start searching; all the related information will be available instantly. The specific-search is very helpful when you want to narrow down timeline or view results containing particular name. *in center use